Inaugural student-hosted event aims to inspire students post-COVID

October 29th, 2021

The first ever Excelencia Live, coordinated by the nation-wide ACC Group, will be held on 16th November 2021. Excelencia Live is an interactive expression of ACC Group's student-contributed academic journal Excelencia.

With students expected to escape lockdowns for classrooms across Australia over the coming weeks, the timing for such an event couldn’t be better according to event producer David Garden.

“Many students have been battling mental health issues due to the impact of lockdowns and the pandemic. We thought that an event to bring together ACC students from across the country to showcase their best work would serve as an inspiration and encouragement to all our students and their families.”

The ACC Group educates more than 4,500 students, including 2,000 studying via online distance education, across five states of Australia.

“Following the successful launch of our student-contributed journal Excelencia last year, we decided to give students the opportunity to express their work in short-form presentations. The student content will be delivered in pre-recorded segments followed by live Q&A within a live stream experience.”

“The format of the event allows students to hone their presentation skills and develop their ability to articulate considerate answers.”

“A diversity of student work will be on display, from STEM projects to creative arts and everything in between. The event will demonstrate the variety of gifts and abilities our students possess,” Mr Garden concluded.

This student-hosted event provides every ACC student with the opportunity to showcase their finest work, celebrate a diverse range of educational experiences and inspire the school community.

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