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Welcome to Distance Education with ACC Launceston

Thanks to digital technology, school is no longer constrained by four walls. The school of tomorrow is here today. It's called Distance Education. ACC’s Distance Education School is a legitimate option with qualified teacher support, registered curriculum and university pathways.

Our team of university-qualified and experienced teachers stretch, challenge and grow our students’ academic abilities using technology solutions from the likes of Google for Education, Apple and Khan Academy.

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Distance Education Students Learn with Help from the World's Best

It’s school, but not as you know it

Distance Education School is a new phenomena in Australia. Students ‘attend’ classes online, away from the Launceston school campus.

This distance education mode of school offers students a truly unique alternative to the regular school campus experience.

This option has proven popular. The Australian Christian College Group is the largest independent distance education provider in Australia.

Distance Education students work with their peers throughout Tasmania, sharing their opinions and reflecting on what they have learned in class discussions. They complete assessment tasks appropriate to the subjects, including exams, essays and multimedia projects.

Primary and high school students also have the opportunity to build friendships with students their age and discuss common interests outside of school. The distance education student community is vibrant, active and positive with lots of talk on things like computer games, sports, TV shows, movies, books and much more.

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Learn from anywhere

With distance education, students can learn from anywhere. It’s portable, flexible and affordable.

From Hobart to Hadspen, Distance Education allows your child more flexibility with their location and school times. With a goal to complete 5 days worth of coursework each week, they can balance their personal goals and priorities by adjusting their study times. No more travelling to or from school every day.

Having said that, students cannot fall behind. They’re required to submit work following the due dates in their assessment schedule - just the same as regular school.

Our modular distance education courses allow you to learn when the time is right for you.

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Distance education students are diverse

Distance education students are very diverse because distance education suits a wide variety of learners.

Some primary and high school students thrive online as they escape frustrations with distractions, commuting times, unstable friendships and wasted time during school hours. Others have survived bullying and appreciate the respite distance education provides. Students with learning disabilities such as ADHD, auditory processing problems, autism and dyslexia benefit from the self-paced nature of distance education. Some have distance education while pursuing a sporting or performing arts career. Anxiety is sadly on the rise. Anxiety levels drop when learning online from home.

Students who live in remote areas often don't have many local schools and boarding school is expensive. Distance education provides a legitimate option to these isolated families while building family connectedness.

Regardless of your situation, you will appreciate the support provided by a qualified teaching team and the ready-made learning program available through our Distance Education School.

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What Our Families Say

ACC Distance Education (DE) suits a diversity of students. Watch a small selection of our students and parents tell their stories in these 4 videos.

Modelled on university online learning courses

We started by modelling Distance Education after universities that provide online learning for their students. If you’re familiar with how universities do online learning you’ll be familiar with how Distance Education works.

All courses have a clear starting point and end point. Students need to do the lessons in every subject per week to stay on track with their learning.

All courses use video content that is created by our school and also sourced from the best content providers on the internet. The students can pause, rewind and play a lesson until they understand the concept being taught. It’s like replaying school!

Online discussions provide a great opportunity for students to engage with each other. Our teachers ask open-ended questions so students can think carefully about their response and learn to appreciate other students’ point of view.

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School Fees

A great value education for parents who want more for their children

Distance Education students in primary and high school have the opportunity to learn through our distance education courses.

The school fee is payable annually with a small discount or in ten monthly payments.

Most textbooks are included in the school fee. We require students to purchase or loan their own novels and DVD media. There will be some other costs incurred in your technology courses depending on your choice of projects.

2024 Distance Education Fee Schedule

YearsChild 1Child 2Child 3Child 4+
Years 7-10$2,165$1,905$1,515$0

For technology requirements,

Please note:

Once your child's enrolment has been confirmed, you will receive an email from our accounts department with instructions on how to set up your payments.

At least six term weeks notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

If you're enrolling during terms 3 or 4 these fees must be paid upfront in full upon enrollment.

School fees are prorated on a per term basis. Enrolments in the final weeks of a term will be charged that term's fees.

There is no splitting of school fees across multiple payers.

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Excludes uniforms, student technology and electives

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