The CEM Prize for Portraiture

Talentend ACC student artist working on painting portrait on canvas

Purpose of the Prize?

The CEM Prize is a Portraiture Award open to all schools governed by the Christian Education Ministry group. This initiative originated at our ACC Marsden Park campus with the goal of providing our students with an opportunity to display their artwork on a national scale through a virtual online exhibition and to give art teachers across the country an opportunity to collaborate.

Why Portraiture?

Portraiture lets students express the essence of human nature and how they see the world around them. Through their art, they explore the significance of individuals or communities. This creative process involves problem-solving as they convey messages about the people they're portraying. Portraiture captures unique moments and provides a powerful perspective from the students. Supporting this in a Christian school community is important as it helps students explore their faith and values through art while offering their unique view of the world.

What Are the Awards and Who Selects Them?

There are three distinct awards associated with The CEM Prize. The first is The CEM Prize, determined by the executive staff and principals of our schools. The second is The CEM Packer's Prize, selected by our Creative Arts staff, who are responsible for curating the exhibition and overseeing the students' work. Lastly, there is The CEM People's Choice Award, open to the public, allowing them to vote for their favourite artwork.

2023 CEM Prize Winners

Prize winning student artwork: 'My Beloved Grandpa' by Caytlyn Tan

CEM Prize 2023

Caytlyn Tan

My Beloved Grandpa

ACC Marsden Park

Prize winning student artwork: 'Knitwear' by Jacinta Ament

Packer's Prize 2023

Jacinta Ament


ACC Moreton

Prize winning student artwork: 'Hannah' by Matilda Emmerich

People's Choice 2023

Matilda Emmerich


ACC Marsden Park DE