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Excelencia Live 2023

Welcome to Excelencia Live 2023! This special online event, hosted by students for students, showcases short presentations from the talented individuals featured in the annual Excelencia printed journal.

The event was held online on Wednesday 15th November 2023.

During Excelencia Live we announced the winners of The CEM Prize for Portraiture.
Click here to see the winners and view the entries in our digital gallery space.

Introducing our student hosts

Excelencia Live 2023 Host: Toby Tiongson

Toby Tiongson

Meet Toby, a Year 10 ACC Marsden Park On Campus student. He’s a music enthusiast with an infectious beat. His playlist features favourites like Ed Sheeran, Clinton Kane and CityAlight, and you can often find him drumming to their tunes. But it's not just music that strikes a chord with Toby; he's also passionate about his church’s youth group and food, with a special place in his heart for delectable meat pies.

Excelencia Live 2023 Host: Ashley Gubat

Ashley Gubat

Meet Ashley Gubat, a Year 10 ACC Marsden Park On Campus student. When she’s not hanging with her friends or serving on the volleyball court, Ashley’s passion for music takes centre stage hitting those high notes. When she’s not rocking out or smashing volleyballs, Ashley loves spending quality time with God. She’s the go-to source for inspiration and good vibes.

Whether it be STEM, Creative Arts, Short Stories, Essays, Drama, Poetry, Song or Social Sciences, Excelencia Live provides an opportunity for our learning community to witness some incredible student work.