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Welcome to ACC Victoria Online

With the advent of digital technology, the boundaries of traditional schooling have shifted. The future of education has arrived - ACC Victoria Online. This virtual campus is just like regular school in so many ways - except it's delivered online. We offer qualified teacher support and a ready-made learning program which opens up new possibilities for learning beyond the traditional school setting.

Our team of university-qualified and experienced teachers stretch, challenge and grow our students’ academic abilities using technology solutions from the likes of Google for Education, Apple and Canvas.

ACC Victoria Online Students Learn with Help from the World's Best

It’s school, but not as you know it

In Australia, online school is emerging as a strong option for many families. Students engage in classes virtually, away from the confines of a physical campus. This mode of learning presents a uniquely different alternative to the conventional on-campus school experience.

The Australian Christian College Group stands out as the largest private provider of online schooling in the country. Students across Victoria connect and collaborate with their peers, participating in discussions to share insights and reflect on the classroom learnings. They undertake diverse assessments appropriate to their subjects, including exams, essays, and multimedia projects.

Additionally, this educational modality allows primary and high school students to form friendships with peers their own age, providing a platform to discuss shared interests outside of academic topics.

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Learn from anywhere

With online school, students can learn from anywhere. It’s portable, flexible and affordable.

From Melbourne to Mildura, online school allows your child more flexibility with their location and school times. Students can balance their personal goals and priorities by adjusting their study times throughout the week.

Having said that, maintaining pace with the coursework is crucial. They’re required to submit work following the due dates in their assessment schedule - just the same as regular school.

Our modular online courses allow you to learn when the time is right for you.

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A Wide Spectrum of Learners in Online School

ACC Victoria Online suits a wide variety of learners.

ACC Victoria online is a safe and stress free learning environment for all students. Anxious students also find comfort in the familiar surroundings of home, which can lower stress levels. Neurodivergent students, such as those with ADHD, autism, or dyslexia, benefit from the self-paced and personalised nature of online school, tailored to their learning styles and needs.

For rural students with limited access to local schools, learning online bridges the geographical gap, making quality education accessible. Aspiring professional athletes and performing artists find the flexibility of online school invaluable, as it allows them to balance their training or rehearsals with their studies.

For those who have been homeschooled, the transition to online school is seamless, as it maintains the familiar home-based learning environment while providing a structured learning program.

Finally, academically-gifted students can accelerate their learning with online school's ability to provide more challenging materials and subjects, promoting intellectual growth at their own pace.

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What ACC Families From Other States Say

Watch these videos from around Australia to see the impact ACC Online has had on their education.


Inspired by University Online Learning

Online schooling was originally modelled after universities that provide online learning for their students. If you’re familiar with how universities do online learning you’ll be familiar with how ACC Victoria Online works.

All courses have a clear starting point and end point. Students need to do the lessons in every subject per week to stay on track with their learning.

All courses use video content that is created by our school and also sourced from the best content providers on the internet. The flexibility to pause, rewind, and replay lessons ensures that students fully grasp the concepts being taught – it's like replaying school!

Moreover, online discussions play a pivotal role in our learning approach. Our teachers pose open-ended questions to stimulate deep thought and to cultivate an appreciation for diverse perspectives among students. This enhances their cognitive skills while fostering a sense of community in the virtual classroom.

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