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Chinese Language Teacher

About ACC Casey

Australian Christian College (ACC) is a protestant non-denominational, Christian Education organisation, whose mission is to develop each and every student to be equipped spiritually, academically, socially and physically to flourish into their full potential, and be a positive influence on the world around them. ACC is wholeheartedly committed to excellence in education so that students are “well known, well loved, and well taught” by dedicated trained Christian staff.

ACC is part of Christian Education Ministries, with 12 schools in 5 states, and is also the largest non-government Distance Education provider in Australia.

ACC Casey, is located at Skye (45 minutes south of Melbourne), and is a P-10, co-ed, Christian school with Secondary year groups being added each year until P-12 is catered for.

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

ACC Casey is a child safe organisation which welcomes all children, young people and their families. We are committed to providing environments where our students are safe and feel safe, where their participation is valued, their views respected, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Our child safe policies, strategies and practices are inclusive of the needs of all children and students. We have no tolerance for child abuse and take proactive steps to identify and manage any risks of harm to students in our school environments. We promote positive relationships between students and adults and between students and their peers. These relationships are based on trust and respect. We take proactive steps to identify and manage any risk of harm to students in our school environment. When child safety concerns are raised or identified, we treat these seriously and respond promptly and thoroughly. Particular attention is given to the child safety needs of Aboriginal students, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, international students, students with disabilities, those unable to live at home, those who identify as LGBTIQ+, and all other students experiencing risk or vulnerability. Inappropriate or harmful behaviour targeting students based on these or other characteristics, such as racism or homophobia, are not tolerated at our school, and any instances identified will be addressed with appropriate consequences. Child safety is a shared responsibility. Every person involved in our school has an important role in promoting child safety and wellbeing and promptly raising any issues or concerns about a child’s safety. We are committed to regularly reviewing our child safe practices, and seeking input from our students, families, staff, and volunteers to inform our ongoing strategies.

As a part of your application, you must read and support the Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy and the Child Safety Code of Conduct. These documents are also available here.

About the role

An opportunity exists to join a fantastic, committed Christian team, in teaching and supporting students within a Christian environment and biblical worldview. We are seeking a capable and relational language educator who desires to inspire our student community.

This part-time position (2-3 days) is expected to start Term 1 2024. However if the applicant has experience in other KLAs then a larger FTE may be available.

Core Responsibilities & Tasks

The primary focus of the classroom teacher is on the planning, preparation and teaching of programs to achieve specific student outcomes. The classroom teacher engages in critical reflection and inquiry in order to improve knowledge and skills to effectively engage students and improve their learning.

All classroom teachers may be required to undertake other duties in addition to their rostered teaching duties provided the responsibility is appropriate to the salary range, qualifications, training and experience of the teacher.

Another major focus of the classroom teacher is providing environments where our students are safe and feel safe, where their participation is valued, their views respected, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives.

Teachers will be expected to:

  • Plan and implement a range of teaching programs or courses of study;
  • Have the content knowledge and pedagogical practice to meet the diverse needs of all students;
  • Provide a child safe environment in accordance with the child safe standards;
  • Participate in child safety and wellbeing induction and training provided by the school and always follow the school’s child safety and wellbeing policies and procedures;
  • Act in accordance with our Child Safety Code of Conduct;
  • Identify and raise concerns about child safety issues in accordance with our Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures, including following the Four Critical Actions for Schools;
  • Ensure students’ views are taken seriously and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives;
  • Implement inclusive practices that respond to the diverse needs of students;
  • Model and promote the vision and values of the school;
  • Teach an area of the curriculum or a general curriculum to a year level;
  • Monitor, evaluate and report student progress in key learning areas;
  • Implement strategies to achieve targets related to student learning outcomes;
  • Maintain records of class attendance and recording student progress;
  • Implement effective student management consistent with the school’s strategic plan;
  • In their first year of teaching work with a mentor to participate in professional development planning, implementation and reflection and developing a professional portfolio. This commitment to professional learning should be ongoing;
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings as required;
  • Be actively involved in regular staff devotions and prayer.

Additional responsibilities may include but are not limited to (depending on the qualification, training and experience of the teacher):

  • Supervising a range of student activities including support and welfare programs;
  • Assist in the supervision of children in the playgrounds before classes commence and during recesses and lunch breaks, including rostered playground duty;
  • Contributing to the development of a range of curriculum policies and programs;
  • Model exemplary classroom practice and mentor/coach other teachers in the school to engage in critical reflection of their practice and to support staff to expand their capacity;
  • Provide expert advice about the content, processes and strategies that will shape individual and school professional learning;
  • Supervise and train one or more pre service teachers;
  • Assist staff to use student data to inform teaching approaches that enable targets related to improving student learning outcomes to be achieved.
  • Managing and supervising a team of teachers in the planning, implementation and review of teaching and learning programs according to the school strategic plan’s goals and priorities;
  • Managing a year level or learning area;
  • Managing a specialist function, such as sport, careers, student welfare, excursions or camps;
  • Developing and managing the school transition program as it relates to Pre-School to Year Prep and/or Year 6 to Year 7 transition and facilitating the associated orientation programs;
  • Assisting the principal, assistant principal and leading teachers with the performance of specific functions appropriate to the classification and role.

About You


  • Evidence of the right to work in Australia
  • Proof of identity
  • Recognised teaching qualification
  • Clearance status of the Working with Children Check (where applicable)
  • Registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)
  • Statements of service from previous child-connected roles
  • References from previous child-connected roles

You will:

  • Have suitable qualifications and/or experience in Chinese (Mandarin). If you are a native speaker, your English is able to be easily understood in the classroom.
  • Be a committed Christian, comfortable with sharing your faith
  • Be committed to improving student academic outcomes
  • Have high expectations for what students are capable of, both academically and behaviourally
  • Relate well to staff, students and parents
  • Have a servant heart


  • Authentic Christian culture and vision.
  • Grow in your faith, skills, and experience.
  • Join a faith community that shares regular worship events, devotions and prayer.

How to Apply

Only applicants who apply via the link below will be considered: