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Secondary School

Secondary school teacher tecahing food tech doing a cooking demonstration
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female secondary student in science class pouring liquid from beaker into conical flask

Online subjects:

  • Tourism
  • Social & Community Studies
  • Science in Practice

Technical and trade-based opportunities:

  • Students are studying external-provider certificates in Plumbing, Baking, Aviation, Fitness, Crime & Justice, Business, Construction, Christian Ministry & Theology and Baking.
  • Students are studying university courses in Engineering, Journalism, Nursing and Animal Ecology.
  • An in-school Careers Day is run each year where students can meet exhibitors, training colleges and hear from presenters about various career pathways.

There are also many cocurricular activities on offer, so that students can explore their passions and develop new skills. In lower secondary, students participate in horse riding lessons, sound and lighting design workshops and camps are held for Year 7 (Canberra) and Year 12 (Emu Gully) students.

The staff at ACC Moreton's Secondary School are dedicated to supporting every student in achieving their potential. They provide a nurturing environment where students feel safe to take risks and try new things.

If you're looking for a Secondary School that will challenge and inspire you, then ACC Moreton is the right place for you.