Complaints & Grievances

At ACC Moreton, we strive to provide the best for our school community, and while we endeavour to excel, we appreciate that there may be instances where we fall short.

Constructive criticism, handled promptly and positively, can provide an opportunity for growth and enhancement, offering invaluable feedback that can help us refine our processes.

Our goal is to ensure that we remain approachable, efficient, and fair in resolving the issues brought forward by you.

We welcome your feedback and commit to handling it with sensitivity, respect, and fairness.

We respectfully request that you grant us the opportunity to respond to your concerns so that we may address them and prevent them from escalating.


The first step in resolving a grievance is to review our Complaints Management Policy which is provided below.. It offers detailed guidance on who to contact initially, and how to proceed if you can't find a resolution. Most matters can be resolved using the policy.

If you wish to escalate to a formal complaint, you can submit a complaint using the link below. This process will ensure that all issues are dealt with efficiently and fairly, in line with our Christian values and commitment to our school community.