Distance Education

Meet our Teachers

Great teachers are more important than great facilities. Please click on the photos below for a brief introduction from each teacher.

Darren Lawson


Mr Darren Lawson is the Principal of Australian Christian College Moreton. Darren started his teaching journey as an Economics teacher after first working in banking and as a full-time cyclist. He has worked in private and state schools as well as spent time overseas teaching in Bible Colleges, Drug and Alcohol Rehab centres and as Principal of a K-12 Christian International School in Asia. He comes to ACCM after 8 years as Principal of a large regional K-12 Christian school achieving excellent student outcomes. Darren believes wholeheartedly in the power of Christian education to help students see and reach their potential and find their purpose in life. On weekends or holidays he enjoys cycling, kayaking and spending time with his wife and family.

Suzanne Fraser

Deputy Principal Distance Education

Sue is a passionate educator and a lifelong learner who loves to think laterally to solve problems and create new opportunities. Driven by her faith in Jesus Christ, she wants to help all young people achieve their God given purpose and use their gifts in service. Sue loves to travel and treasures her holidays with her husband, children and grandchildren. Inspiring the next generation and teaching them about Christ is her life goal.

Rhys Taylor

Head of Secondary Distance Education

Rhys is the Head of Secondary (Distance Education) and teaches Senior Maths, Business and Legal Studies subjects at ACC Moreton. Straight out of high school until he earned his Graduate Diploma in Education in 2012 Rhys worked for multiple businesses at every level from logistics for fruit co-ops to office administration for furniture importers, from furniture removalist to tax accountant and he regales his business classes with tales from these experiences.

Felicity Carrett

Head of Distance Education

Felicity is the P-12 Student Services Coordinator of Distance Education at ACC Moreton. With a strong faith in Christ, Felicity believes all children should have the opportunity to learn and grow and enjoys working as a team to remove learning barriers, nurture curiosity and encourage a heart for lifelong learning. In her spare time, Felicity loves to dapple in the occasional oil painting along with gardening, bushwalking, reading, and raucous board game nights.

Tim Packer

Year 11 and 12 Coordinator

Tim has been teaching high school for over a decade and his specialty area is Film, Television and New Media, however he also has experience teaching English and Humanities. For many years Tim was a freelance film review writer and podcaster for thisisfilm.com and this was great experience which combined both work and personal interests. Tim has two university qualifications with the first being a Bachelor in Creative Industries and the second being a Graduate Diploma of Teaching.

Simon Nicholls

Year 9 and 10 Coordinator

Simon is a senior Math and Science teacher and has a passion for helping students to understand numerical information in a data-driven world. At home, he has a wonderful wife and two young daughters, and he loves to play the drums in his free time (usually to music with strangely-numbered time signatures). He has a passion for developing students to become young Christian leaders whose influence will benefit society.

Carrie Croft

Year 7 and 8 Coordinator

Carrie teaches Years 7 to 9 English, Humanities and Electives at Australian Christian College - Moreton. Her work extends across online and on campus classes. Throughout the years she has been highly involved in the children’s church and youth group at her local church. Through this, she developed a love for working with children of all ages. This love led her to pursue teaching and drives Carrie in her work at Australian Christian College.

Flora Yeoum

Secondary Teacher

Flora is Secondary Mathematics and Online External Students Coordinator. She completed a Bachelor of Science (Pure and Applied Mathematics) and Master of Teaching from University of Sydney and moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast at the beginning of 2022. Flora loves to travel and has travelled to 40 different countries. In her spare time, you can find her playing golf, shooting, swimming, running, training, reading and at the beach.

John Harker

Secondary Teacher

John first got into teaching because of his father's inspiration as a teacher, who is considered as legendary by his peers. John is passionate about teaching because he can help others to not just learn but find life. As the Community Engagement Coordinator he seeks to bring this life to others. That is, as John teaches, he also wants others to not just learn well but find ‘life in Him’. “I touch the future/eternity; I teach”

Josiah Bishop

Secondary Teacher

Josiah completed his Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He is the Network Coordinator at ACC Moreton managing Single Subject Schools, Naplan, External Examinations and International students. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and is passionate about Science, Technologies and how they both integrate with education and learning. He loves travel and is hoping to get back into it in the near future. His favourite holiday is to go snowboarding.

Chris Collins

Secondary Teacher

There's nothing that Chris loves more than to worship God with creativity. You can often hear him singing along while writing the Essential English courses! Chris has been teaching for a few years but is always eager to grow and try new things. By day, he teaches English and Religion and Ethics, and by night he leads the Creative Team at Citipointe North with his beautiful wife and adorable kids.

Glen Sinclair

Secondary Teacher

Glen teaches Secondary Science and Mathematics at ACC Moreton’s Online School. In his teaching he is passionate about helping students see God’s handiwork in the living world around them. When time allows Glen enjoys travelling and hiking with his growing family. Photographing these moments and the landscapes is a main hobby of his. Glen also likes sport, particularly cricket, rugby league and the odd game of table tennis.

Estelle Rasmussen

Primary Teacher

Estelle teaches in the Primary years within Distance Education. She is motivated by reflecting Christ's character through enriching relationships with children. Growing up in Redcliffe as the youngest of three, Estelle is a professional artist and developed a love for expressing Gods' creation through fine art. When not working, she enjoys surfing, kitesurfing, and painting.

Joan Pavey

Student Services

Joan works in Student Service for ACC Moreton. She has loved Jesus all her life and is blessed by working with wonderful Christian staff to support amazing young people, both on campus and online. She gets a thrill seeing the next generation thriving. Joan is a mum of five and has four grandchildren with another one on the way. Outside work, she enjoys the simply pleasures associated with owning two cats, a foxy and a pug.

Vaughan Wright

Secondary Teacher

Vaughan Wright is a Middle School Maths and Science teacher at ACC Moreton's Distance Education Program. He completed a Bachelor's Degree in South Africa and immigrated with his family at the end of 2016. He has a passion for teaching Maths and enjoys seeing the 'light' come on when students master various strategies. Vaughan enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching sports and travelling. His favourite place is the Kruger National Park (South Africa) and loves taking photographs of wildlife.

Andrea Tattam

Primary Teacher

Andrea grew up in Northern Ireland and set out studying to become a PE Teacher. After relocating to Australia however, Andrea’s path took her into a successful career in business and management. She has recently completed a Master of Teaching (Primary) as an online student. Graduating in the ‘COVID era’ gave her the opportunity to deeply engage asynchronous learning pedagogies and she is passionate about flexibility, quality teaching and learning in Distance Education. Andrea enjoys camping, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Ashlee Evans

Secondary Teacher

Ashlee teaches Distance Secondary Business at Australian Christian College Moreton. Before completing a Masters of Teaching, she completed a Bachelor in Business and has previously worked in business management. Ashlee is passionate about sharing both her knowledge and experience to her business students so that they gain a real world perspective and hopefully, love the subject as much as she does!

Dana Truasheim

Secondary Teacher

Dana is a happily married mother of four wonderful little people who fill her life to the brim with delight, adventure, hilarity and love. She has been teaching for nearly two decades in the sciences and has begun expanding her repertoire into other subjects, year levels and curriculum delivery modes. Life is good!

Diane Everett

Primary Teacher

As a teacher, Diane has taught mostly within Primary, particularly in the area of Inclusive Education. She is passionate about supporting students and their families and providing education programs specific to students' learning needs. Diane loves God, loves her family and loves connecting with others.

Ellen Crank

Primary Teacher

Ellen has been working with our students who have additional needs for several years. She has an adult child with Autism/Asperger's and his challenging journey through the education system prompted her to upgrade her (ancient) teaching diploma to a Bachelor of Special Education. She loves working with families to help students with disabilities to feel positive about learning and future possibilities in life.

Kelsey Rickman

Secondary Teacher

Kelsey teaches Senior Visual Art and Design at ACC. She has a passion for sharing creativity in education and coming alongside young people to inspire creativity within their own work and in their faith. She practises art through a range of forms including digital art, photography, clay sculpting and sewing. She absolutely loves the extremes of adventure and the simplicity of playing board games with friends. As an extrovert at heart, she delights in spending time with people - particularly having a good laugh, and sharing her Christian faith with others.

Konrad Slack

Primary Teacher

Konrad teaches Year 5/6 Distance Education. He became a teacher because he enjoyed working with children and wanted to see them develop their abilities and skills and to have the opportunity to teach them about God. Konrad chose primary teaching so that he could teach a variety of subjects and have fun with my students. Most of all, Konrad wants to glorify God in all that he does.

Louise Bocxe

Primary Teacher

Louise is teaching Year 6 Distance Education. She enjoys teaching all levels of primary. Outside of the classroom she loves the outdoors, traveling and especially dragging her family along on adventure holidays. Her favourite place is camping on the beach at Christmas, a time to unwind, read books and play board games.

Mandy Towle

Secondary Teacher

Mandy currently teaches Legal Studies, Tourism and Modern HIstory across Years 10-12. She is married to Steve and has two adult children. Mandy started her teaching career in New South Wales, before moving to Queensland in 2014. She has passion for teaching, sharing the gospel and building relationships with her students. In her spare time you will find Mandy with her nose in a book, tending to her roses or exploring new places.

Mark Moulynox

Primary Teacher

Mark joined the DE team part-time this year teaching middle school Arts and HASS. He has been teaching Music and other subjects for the past ten years. Mark is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and continues to perform and do recording sessions. His family is the original Brady Bunch except he has daughters, and his wife Judy has boys. They also have an “ours” Beccy, born in 2005. No Alice. Mark is always astounded by the incredible grace of God.

Melanie Lamprecht

Secondary Teacher

Melanie is a Science and Physical Education Teacher who is committed to inspiring students to tap into their curiosity and passion for learning. Melanie strives to help each student develop and be proud of the gifts and talents God has blessed them with. After finishing her Honours in Human Cell Anatomy, Melanie spent time teaching in South Africa, Singapore and Perth. Outside of work, she enjoys kitesurfing, photography and travel. Melanie finds herself continually grateful for the love and joy that God has given her and strives to share that love with those around her.

Mitchell Dean

Secondary Teacher

Mitchell teachers Senior Music and English at ACC Moreton. He worked as a private guitar, singing and piano tutor before becoming a teacher. He enjoys travelling with his wife, all things Star Wars, playing and leading worship music at church, writing and playing board games. He is passionate for building relationships with students and helping them to discover and pursue their love of music for the glory of God.

Ruth Snoswell

Secondary Teacher

Ruth teaches in the Learning Enrichment Team of Student Services at ACC Moreton (Distance Education). After working as an Occupational Therapist for many years her desire to spend more time with students led her to retrain as a middle years teacher. Her heart is to help students embrace their struggles while finding their strengths. She has four sons, two of which are married, and one grandson. She loves to read, walk at the beach and spend time with her family.

Zara Di Bella

Guidance Officer

Zara Di Bella is the Guidance Officer for Distance Education. She is looking forward to getting to know each student, their interests and talents and matching these to their careers so that they may live purposeful and meaningful lives. Zara is an avid lover of animals and is a caretaker of two horses, two dogs and twelve chickens on their small acreage property. She enjoys horse riding and shows in the sport of Reining. Zara also enjoys reading and in her spare time is rarely found without a book.

Glenda Blackmore

Learning Enrichment Teacher

Glenda has worked in Learning Enrichment / Special Education for over 20 years, initially as a teacher aide and now as a teacher. She has a passion to see all her students find their strengths and build on them through a variety of approaches and to have a positive Christian influence in students lives.