Distance Education

Athletes & Artists

When your child is destined for bigger things, you know it. And so do they. Whether it’s on the stage or on the field, they’re determined to do their best.

They can be slowed, though. If they’re not given the time and opportunity to focus on their passion and hone their skills, they may never realise their true potential.

Regular schooling doesn’t leave much room for practice. This can be incredibly demotivating for your child, leaving them feeling constantly frustrated.

But not all schools are created equal.

The ACC Group is Australia’s largest independent distance education provider. Our mission is to provide an on campus quality education to students who, for one reason or another, aren’t suited to regular school.

In other words, we’re perfect for aspiring athletes and performing artists. Distance Education allows your child more flexibility with their location and school times. With a goal to complete 5 days worth of coursework each week, they can balance their personal goals and priorities by adjusting their study times.

Plus it’s portable, which is particularly important if your child has to travel for their sport or performances. It’s all done online so they can continue to learn anywhere in the world, without the disruptions of changing schools or playing catch-up.

Rest assured, they’ll receive the highest quality education. We use state-of-the-art digital technologies, university-qualified teachers and a government accredited learning program that’s 100% aligned with the Australian National Curriculum and the QLD Core Curriculum (ensuring a seamless transition back to on campus schooling if necessary).

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