Distance Education


When you live with anxiety, going to school every day can seem an insurmountable undertaking. The complex and never-ending social pressures, the rigid routines, the lack of understanding and support - it can make your child feel totally overwhelmed.

Lack of motivation and engagement in learning can be a side effect for young people who feel anxious. It negatively impacts their education. While it’s important to learn resilience, it can also be beneficial to create a safe and happy environment, where the impact of stress on the student can be minimised.

Obviously if your child is unable to attend school, this has a significant impact on their immediate education. If they fall too far behind, they’ll spend the next couple of years catching up. But that’s just the start of the problem.

If socialising in general - or the very act of learning itself - becomes a direct trigger for their anxiety, or if their anxiety becomes depression, the implications can be lifelong and irreversible.

Fortunately, however, face-to-face school isn’t the only option. Online distance education is an ideal alternative for children with anxiety, and delivers significant benefits.

ACC’s Distance Education School is Australia’s largest independent distance education provider. A government-accredited distance learning institution, we employ state-of-the-art digital technologies, and fully qualified and experienced teachers.

Our learning program is 100% aligned with the Australian National Curriculum and the QLD Core Curriculum, and we provide the same university pathways as regular schools. (So if you ever decide distance education isn’t the answer, your child will have no trouble transitioning back to mainstream schooling.)

Because distance education can be done anywhere, they’ll be learning within their own comfortable environment, with your love and encouragement. So they’ll have all the support they need to deal with anxiety and excel in their studies.

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