Distance Education

Is Distance Education Right for Your Child?

Take this 2 minute quiz to find out.

Thank you for taking the time to consider whether Distance Education is right for your child.

Distance Education provides a range of specific benefits for children, such as individualised progress, opportunity for focus, strong parent-student relationships and unparalleled flexibility.

While Distance Education is not for everyone, we know that it allows the right students to thrive.

Below you will see the results of your quiz to help you consider whether Distance Education is the right option for your family!

Distance Education Quiz

Click the response to each question below that best represents your situation.

Is your child thriving in their current school environment?

Would you like a more flexible approach to your child’s education?

Are you able to act as an ‘onsite supervisor’ for your child?

Can your household cover its expenses with one adult not working full-time?

Do you have a quiet learning space at home?

Do you have fast, reliable internet in your home?

Do you have opportunities for your child to socialise with other children?