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Smiling ACC Southlands primary school student

Primary School

primary school boy looking at plants growing in cups by window sill
Three ACC Southlands girls playing guitar outside
Primary classroom students drawing together at table

A safe, supportive learning environment

The early primary years are designed to give your child a sense of progress in learning that prepares them for ongoing school success. We focus on developing rock-solid literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills.

We help our students develop positive, respectful relationships and foster a culture where each child feels valued and included.

An intentional learning environment

We are passionate about high-impact teaching that gets results. At Australian Christian College, we have a clear plan for your child’s learning success. Our plan is backed by decades of research and has been the cornerstone of teaching here for the past five years.

We have a regular system for assessing student performance, which ensures that teachers know how every student is progressing. Our proven framework helps all of our students experience learning success.

During a tour of our Primary School classrooms, you will see consistency of teaching strategies and highly engaged students.

Great teachers who engage their students

Our school leadership is dedicated to employing teachers who enjoy being with children and who delight in helping students thrive in all aspects of their lives.

We expect our teachers to deliver high-quality lessons that engage students and drive learning. Each teacher in our Primary School has an Instructional Coach observe them every fortnight. They receive specific and direct feedback that helps support their teaching and drive improvements.

Authentic, supportive relationships

Authentic, supportive relationships are at the heart of our Primary School. We help each child develop respectful relationships with their teachers and peers by modelling healthy communication, setting clear boundaries, and encouraging positive behaviours.

Any hint of concerning behaviours is dealt with swiftly, firmly, and compassionately. Relational conflict is managed using a positive and deliberate process of intervention, support and communication.

Parents as vital partners

Parent involvement is such an important part of educational success, and we see parents as vital partners in their child’s education. From the first interaction with our School Office through to graduation, connection with the school community is real. Many parents form lifelong friendships through their school connections.

Please arrange a Principal’s Tour today so you can see learning action.