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The Prep program provides an excellent transition for children into school life, commencing with preparation for Kindergarten, where your child is given a positive start to formal schooling.

The benefits of Prep include:

  • Children enjoy a gentle transition into the formal education process.
  • It increases your child’s ability to achieve success in Kindergarten.
  • The development of positive relationships with your child’s peers and teachers.
  • Gaining knowledge of the layout and the routines of the school, so that commencing Kindergarten becomes an exciting and happy transition for children.
  • Modelling and establishing positive values for young children in this vital stage of their education.

While the Prep program is predominantly play-based, children also participate in:

  • Further development in phonological awareness and literacy - letters and sounds.
  • Further development in maths – numbers, patterns, sorting, days of the week, months of the year, etc.
  • Gross motor skills development, e.g. ball skills, skipping, balancing and climbing.
  • Fine motor skills development, e.g. writing, drawing, cutting, arts and craft.
  • Performances include singing, dance, actions, costumes and instruments.