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ACC Singleton is a PreK-12, co-educational, Christian school located in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

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We have a plan for your child's learning

Your child can thrive in his or her learning at ACC Singleton, so that they’re well-prepared and resourced for adult life. This is achieved by developing a clear plan for your child’s learning.

This plan is built on a foundation of:

  • backed teaching method that is characterised by well-planned, engaging and well-delivered lessons;

  • a robust teacher improvement model where, every week, school leaders observe teaching and provide constructive and directive feedback to teachers that drives further improvements; and

  • a well-structured system of screening and assessing student performance in a timely and regular manner to make sure teachers are informed about the ongoing progress of student learning.

ACC students are continually challenged and unconditionally loved. Our students have teachers who notice them, ask about their interests, listen to them, laugh with them and believe in them. ACC students are well known, well loved and well taught by teachers who want the very best for them.

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Growing every student’s personal character

We are passionate about investing into the growth of student’s personal character. As soon as a new student starts at ACC Singleton teachers seek to get to know the individual. Staff establish an authentic, positive and transparent relationship with parents and take the responsibility of partnering with the family in the development of the whole child seriously.

Young people should emerge from school able to empathise with people, to understand the nuances of social interaction, to stretch beyond what’s considered normal in the pursuit of a goal and to approach challenges with courage.

We all know that people of deep and rich personal character are resilient, humble, self-controlled and compassionate. At ACC Singleton we teach our students about personal character in line with ourStudent Attributes. Our staff also seek to model these attributes and call students to a high standard of behaviour. them.

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Our teachers engage

Our teachers value relationships with parents and students.

They are highly professional and seek to continually improve their teaching.

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This is a place where young people thrive

Young people thrive when they are well known, well loved and well taught.

Students want teachers who notice them, ask about their interests, listen to them, laugh with them and believe in them. Positive and authentic relationships are the bedrock of our school community and are instrumental to improving student learning outcomes.

We want our students to know how uniquely gifted they are, how to manage their thoughts and feelings, and what they can do with their gifts and abilities.

Our teachers speak words of life and hope as they work with students to unlock their potential and equip them with the right skills to thrive in a technologically complex world.

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A great value education for parents who want more for their children

For the parent who wants more, ACC offers a great education for less. We are mindful of the impact of a school education on a family’s budget and so we aim to be financially efficient.

Australian Christian College is a not-for-profit organisation with any extra revenue generated invested back into the school. To maximise affordability we provide multi-sibling discounts and payment plans in addition to our already low fees.

2022 Annual Fee Schedule

Years1st Child2nd Child3rd Child4th+ Child
PreKinder (4yo)$4,120$4,120$4,120$4,120
Years K-6$3,680$3,240$2,760$0
Years 7-8$4,680$4,120$3,510$0
Years 9-10$5,290$4,655$3,970$0
Years 11-12$5,555$4,890$4,165$0

Please note:

School Fees are payable as per the Fee Payment Form.

At least six term weeks notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

There is no splitting of school fees across multiple payers.

Additional Costs:


Fee Estimator

Please enter the year levels of each child you are planning on enrolling:


This is a fees estimation only.
Excludes uniforms, student technology and electives.

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