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ACC Singleton is a Pre K-12, co-educational, Christian school located in the Hunter Valley of NSW. The school is renowned for making sure every student is well known, well loved, and well taught. Students are nurtured by teachers who notice them, ask about their interests, listen to them, laugh with them and believe in them.

Academic Improvement Throughout The School

Opening your child's school report and seeing their academic growth can be a rewarding experience. It’s a great feeling to see how much they have improved and knowing that their future is filled with possibilities.

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Give your child the best start to formal education with days filled with laughter, music, games and learning.

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Young children thrive in the primary years with teachers who are dedicated to making their experience positive.

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As students move from primary into secondary education they face an array of new opportunities for growth.

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Hear from our Principal

A Positive Culture Where Young People Thrive

Your child will thrive because they are well known, well loved and well taught in an overwhelmingly positive school culture.

When students feel like they are valued, they are more likely to take risks and persevere academically. When they are surrounded by positive role models who believe in them, they will be more likely to reach their potential.

We want our students to know how uniquely gifted they are, how to manage their thoughts and feelings, and what they can do with their gifts and abilities.

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What Our Parents Say

Parents are the best advocates for our school. Our community flourishes because parents partner with our teachers in the best interest of the children. Here's what some of our parents have to say about ACC Singleton.

Meet our Teachers

Our teachers strive to build strong relationships with both parents and students. They’re also highly professional, constantly seeking to improve their teaching skills. This commitment to improvement benefits every child in our school.

Tim Shields


Tim grew up in Sydney and began teaching there after a number of years working in the property industry. He has taught in a wide v...

Kimarie Mcintyre

Head of Primary

Kimarie has a Master's in Educational Leadership and holds Special Ed qualifications. She has been the Head of Learning Support in...

Katie Kelly

Head of Secondary

Katie wanted to be a teacher from her earliest memories, although she started her career in agriculture, before completing a teach...

Allan Perry


Allan has been teaching at the school since 2007 and has a Bachelor of Education (Honours) from Newcastle University. He also hold...

Beth Griffiths


Beth is a mum of two, wife, daughter, friend, reader and creator. She loves to make things, most anything she will have a go at cr...

Claire Lightfoot


Claire completed her tertiary education in Sydney before moving to the Hunter Valley. She is passionate about giving every child i...


Character Formation Pays Lifelong Dividends

People who develop strong character traits such as resilience, humility, self-control and compassion tend to lead more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

At ACC Singleton, we teach our students about personal character in line with our student attributes. Our staff also model these attributes and call students to a high standard of behaviour.

While developing good character takes time and effort, it's well worth the investment. After all, character formation doesn't just pay off in the short-term, it pays dividends for a lifetime.

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Principal's Vision

School Fees

A great value education for parents who want more for their children

For the parent who wants more, ACC offers a great education for less. We are mindful of the impact of a school education on a family’s budget and so we aim to be financially efficient.

Australian Christian College is a not-for-profit organisation with any extra revenue generated invested back into the school. To maximise affordability we provide multi-sibling discounts and payment plans in addition to our already low fees.

2024 Annual Fee Schedule

Years1st Child2nd Child3rd Child4th+ Child
Years K-6$3,980$3,500$2,985$0
Years 7-8$5,060$4,455$3,795$0
Years 9-10$5,725$5,040$4,295$0
Years 11-12$5,995$5,275$4,495$0

2024 Prep Fee Schedule

Minimum attendance is 2 days per week at $60 per day.

Please note:

School Fees are payable as per the Fee Payment Form.

At least six term weeks notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

There is no splitting of school fees across multiple payers.

Additional Costs:


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Excludes uniforms, student technology and electives