Distance Education

Learning Disability

With the right support, you know your child would be doing better in school. They just need a little more time and attention from the right teachers, some more structure in their learning routines and an environment where they don’t feel embarrassed or out of place.

If you enrol them in ACC’s Distance Education School, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

We’re Australia’s largest independent distance education provider. We cater to children who - for one reason or another - don’t fit regular school. Our approach is particularly well suited to children with learning disabilities.

Thanks to our structured teaching and assessment approach, your child will always know what’s coming next. No uncertainty, no unpredictability. Because almost all of their learning will occur at home (with the aid of state-of-the-art digital technologies), they’ll be in a familiar, supportive, non-threatening environment - with you there, should they run into any difficulties. So they can learn without any of the awkward and embarrassing social situations that can be absolutely crushing for a child with a learning disability.

Our fully-qualified teachers are very experienced in dealing with learning disabilities, and if your child needs additional support, we can - and often do - arrange for external assistance from psychologists, speech therapists and other specialists.

Not surprisingly, many parents of children with learning disabilities are attracted to distance education. (And when they see how their child thrives here, they quickly become loyal advocates of our approach.) As a result, we take pride in teaching all students including those with dyslexia, autism, auditory processing issues, ADHD etc.

Importantly, our learning program is government-accredited and 100% aligned with the TAS Core Curriculum and Australian National Curriculum. So your child will no longer be left behind, they’ll no longer feel like a fish out of water, and if you decide at any point that your child is ready to go back to regular school, they’ll be able to transition seamlessly.

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