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Wynyard Schools & More

Wynyard is a charming rural town nestled on the North West coast of Tasmania. Serving as a regional hub for the surrounding rural areas, Wynyard is home to an estimated population of 6,296 residents as of the 2021 census. The town is conveniently located west of Burnie and houses the main council offices for the Waratah-Wynyard local government area. The adjacent Burnie-Wynyard Airport provides commercial flights to Melbourne and other districts, making Wynyard easily accessible for both locals and visitors.

History of Wynyard

Wynyard, a rural town on the North West coast of Tasmania in Australia, has a rich history dating back before a settlement was established in the 1850s. Originally, the Wynyard Municipality was inhabited by the aboriginal Tommeginer tribe of Table Cape. The town was eventually established by the Alexander brothers, three ex-convicts, on the west side of the Inglis River. Initially, Wynyard lagged behind the adjacent settlement of Alexandria, which boasted a church and several shops. However, after the Inglis River was bridged in 1861, Wynyard, with its superior wharfing facilities, became the district's centre of commerce.

The town was likely named after Major-General Edward Buckley Wynyard in the early 1850s. The Table Cape Post Office, opened around 1856, was renamed Wynyard in 1882. By the late nineteenth century, Wynyard handled more shipping than Burnie, and its population reached 500 by 1900. However, in the 20th century, Burnie flourished and became the dominant regional and industrial hub for the region.

Wynyard Historical Photo: Wynyard branch of the Commercial Bank of Tasmania in 1900
Commercial Bank of Tasmania - Wynyard in 1900. Image courtesy of Libraries Tasmania

The Natural Beauty of Wynyard

Wynyard is situated around the mouth of the Inglis River, which extends to the Campbell Ranges near Takone, and is adjacent to the stunning Table Cape, a volcanic plug renowned for its annual tulip bloom. The town also features Freestone Cove, a sheltered bay, and Fossil Bluff, a sandstone cliff that was the discovery site of Australia's oldest fossil marsupial. These geographical features, coupled with the town's temperate climate, make Wynyard a natural paradise.

Schools in Wynyard

Wynyard is home to three schools. The town hosts two government-funded public schools, Table Cape Primary School and Wynyard High School, and a Catholic primary school, St Brigid's. These schools serve the local community and provide a range of educational opportunities for students of all ages.

Parents searching for K to 10 Christian schools near Wynyard will find that only a short drive from Wynyard, all students at ACC Burnie are well known, well loved and well taught by a dedicated team of Christian teachers.

Wynyard's Technicolour Tulips

Sitting atop the stunning Table Cape just north of Wynyard, the Table Cape Tulip Farm is an enchanting spectacle, particularly during late September to mid-October when the tulips burst into a kaleidoscope of colours. The vast tulip fields, believed to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere that visitors can wander through, make for a truly magical experience. The farm offers convenient amenities for visitors including optional boots for exploration and navigators for easy parking.

The farm provides visitors a complete experience with an on-site cafe, which is reasonably priced and offers a variety of goodies, and a store where, of course, tulips can be purchased. The genuine and friendly staff create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Walking through the rows of tulips, capturing their names, and the option to order bulbs for future enjoyment, speaks to the unique North West Tasmanian charm and beauty of the Table Cape Tulip Farm.

Table Cape Tulip Farm and Table Cape Lighthouse overlooking stunning North West Tasmanian coastline

Hobbies and Interests of Residents in Wynyard

Popular activities in and around Wynyard include participating in the Wynyard Yacht Club, which has received national recognition for its inclusiveness programs, and the Wynyard Cricket Club, which has produced many state representatives.

The community also enjoys engaging with local arts and culture through the volunteer-run Artscape community art centre and the classic vintage cars collection at the Wonders of Wynyard visitor information centre.

Outdoor enthusiasts often take advantage of the coastal pathway being developed to connect Wynyard and Burnie to Latrobe, while the annual Bloomin Tulip Festival and classic car show are major events that draw both locals and visitors alike.

Wynyard's Local Economy

Wynyard serves as a significant regional hub for the surrounding rural areas of the North West coast of Tasmania. The local economy is primarily driven by dairy, timber-growing, and mixed farming industries. The town also houses a large milk-processing factory and supports a moderate fishing industry. The Burnie Airport, which is located in Wynyard, offers domestic flights to Melbourne, Launceston and King Island, further bolstering the town's connectivity and economic activity. The annual Bloomin Tulip Festival, held every October, attracts tourists from Tasmania and around the country.

Local Businesses in Wynyard

Wynyard is home to various businesses that cater to the needs of residents and visitors, including:

By supporting these local businesses, residents help foster the growth and development of the community.

Suburb Snapshot

  • The drive time from Wynyard to ACC Burnie is approximately 13 minutes.
  • Bell times: 8.45am to 3.15pm
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