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ACC Burnie private bus with decal of students on the side

Bus Routes

Discover ACC Burnie's Private Bus Routes

At Australian Christian College, we seek to make education accessible and convenient for families in our community. Our range of private bus routes around the Burnie area ensures that most students have a reliable and efficient way to get to school and home. Our easy-to-use search feature below allows you to quickly find the route and time that best suits your family’s needs.

2023 ACC Burnie Bus Routes

  1. 1Madden Street, Burnie
  2. 2Colegrave Road, Upper Burnie
  3. 3Greenacre Street, Upper Burnie
  4. 4Blackwood Parade, Burnie
  5. 5Payne Street, Hillcrest
  6. 6Lane Street, Hillcrest
  7. 7Sutton Street, Burnie
  8. 8Hellyer Avenue, Park Grove
  9. 9Futuna Avenue, Burnie
  10. 10Back Cam Road, Somerset
  11. 11Haywoods Ln, Somerset TAS
  12. 12Murchison Highway, Somerset
  13. 13ACC Burnie

The blue line does not accurately reflect the bus' actual route.