Online School

Virtual Open Day


In days gone by, there was very little choice. If you lived in a remote area, you pretty much had to send your children to boarding school. Obviously the nearest school was just too far away, and the only real alternative was a teacher on the phone.

But times have changed…

Today, technology and learning theory have advanced to such a point that online schooling isn’t just a possibility, it’s a reality. Indeed, thousands of parents around Australia are opting for online distance education school, even when distance isn’t a problem!

The ACC Group is Australia’s largest independent online school. We employ university-qualified teachers and engaging digital technologies to deliver a standard of education that’s the equal of most regular schools.

Our learning program is government accredited and 100% aligned with the WA Curriculum. So if you move or, for any other reason, decide to send your child back to a ‘bricks and mortar’ school, they’ll be able to transition seamlessly. We also provide university pathways just like regular schools.

It’s also cheaper - much, much cheaper. Depending on the boarding school, you’ll save approximately $20,000 per year with online school. Even more if you include the time and costs associated with travelling to and from the ‘big smoke’.

Perhaps most importantly of all, your child is not absent from home for 9 months out of 12. School’s no longer the incredible, emotional burden it once was to both parent and child. Instead, you can remain close the entire year, which has many benefits for your child’s emotional well-being and behaviour.

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