By completing this online enrolment application, you are telling the school that you would like to apply for enrolment at ACC.

If we have any questions about your application, we will contact you.

Each Application is to include copies of relevant documentation which can be uploaded with the online enrolment application​ or emailed to ​​.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Australian Citizenship/Visa/Passport if child/ren not born in Australia
  • Latest school report​
  • Years 3/5 NAPLAN results (if applicable)
  • Copy of Medicare Card
  • Copies of Immunisation records
  • Custody orders/parenting agreements​ (if applicable)​
  • Specialist reports/documents relating to students with a physical disability, social/emotional, sensory or cognitive (if applicable)​
  • Medical reports eg. asthma, anaphylaxis (if applicable)​

NB. You only need to provide the parent/legal guardian details once.

Once all documents have been provided and we have received your $100 (per student) application fee (using the 'Pay Now' button below the form), an enrolment interview will be scheduled with the Principal.

All Online Distance Education applicants must comply with Standard 16 from the Department of Education WA. Applicants are to be:

  1. Geographically isolated: The definition within the Act re geographically isolated means a “student is unable to attend a school that meets his or her educational, cultural and/or spiritual needs because of distance or the unreasonable travel time which would be involved”. Therefore needs not being met include:
    1. Educational
    2. Cultural
    3. Spiritual
  2. Temporarily living or travelling overseas
  3. Participating in elite sport or the arts
  4. Unable to attend due to illness
  5. Requirement of bail conditions
  6. Other special circumstances as approved by the Director-General.

If in any doubt, please discuss your suitability under Standard 16 with the school.

In addition, it is important that you read through the Student Enrolment Contract to become fully aware of the conditions of enrolment.

After your application is received and interview completed, you will receive a Letter of Offer or a letter advising application is unsuccessful.

An application does not guarantee a place at Australian Christian College.