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Imagine living on your family's farm, surrounded by wide open skies. Tradition tells stories of your father and grandfather, who left for boarding school in the bustling city. But you yearn for a different path—one that lets you stay on the land you love. Sadly, educational opportunities in the city seem far away from your farm.

The city, with its tall buildings and busy streets, feels completely different from your peaceful open fields at home. You'd miss those fields, and the thought of leaving home brings up many emotions. Is there a way to get a great education without leaving your farm?

Welcome to ACC Southlands' PP-12 Distance Education Program*. It's a unique way of schooling that brings the classroom to you, no matter where you are. It gives you the power to transform your farm into your own personal classroom.

Learn from anywhere

Learn From Anywhere

24/7 Lesson Access

24/7 Lesson Access

Experienced Online Teachers

Experienced Online Teachers

Current School Response Time Less Than 10 Minutes

Current Response Less Than 10 Min.

WACE Online Provides Tertiary Pathways

WACE Online (ATAR & General)

21 WACE Subjects Available

21 WACE Subjects Available

Picture your farm transforming into a place where you can learn, surrounded by the beautiful landscape. This landscape becomes your new learning environment. With just an internet connection, you can access lessons anytime, day or night, and study under the vast sky of the outback. The rush and noise of the city fade away, replaced by the peaceful rhythm of your daily farm life.

Our experienced teachers are here to guide you and provide support whenever you need it. You'll get the help you need to complete your WACE online (both ATAR and General pathways), all while staying comfortable on your farm.

If you're keen, have a chat to your parents about distance education and ask them to contact us for more information. Embark on a learning adventure that doesn't take you away from your farm but brings the world to you.

* Conditions apply to all enrolments.

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