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You might find that school doesn't understand your neurodiverse needs. Remember, your unique needs deserve understanding and empathy.

Understanding and empathy are what you want as you face each school day. You dream of a school that doesn't just cater to academics, but also lovingly embraces your individuality.

Welcome to ACC Southlands' PP-12 Distance Education Program*. Imagine a world where you can thrive academically from the comfort of your own home, where the barriers of a traditional school are removed.

Learn from anywhere

Learn From Anywhere

24/7 Lesson Access

24/7 Lesson Access

Experienced Online Teachers

Experienced Online Teachers

Current School Response Time Less Than 10 Minutes

Current Response Less Than 10 Min.

WACE Online Provides Tertiary Pathways

WACE Online (ATAR & General)

21 WACE Subjects Available

21 WACE Subjects Available

As these barriers are removed, they are replaced with a school with teachers who are both experienced and skilled at online education. With ACC Southlands, this is not merely a dream, but a reality that has been available since 2008.

In this reality, you can complete your WACE online (both ATAR and General pathways). We provide the same university and TAFE pathways as regular schools.

Are you ready for a change? Share this with your parents. It's time to step into a new mode of school where you can learn in a way that respects your unique perspective.

* Conditions apply to all enrolments.

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