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Distance Education Program

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Life is hard enough with a child facing severe medical issues. The last thing you should worry about is education. Traditional schools have rigid schedules. They’re inflexible. Your child can't keep up. You're tired of searching for alternatives that might work.

You’re in a constant state of back-and-forth to school and medical appointments. Your child’s probably missing lessons and falling behind academically. And let's not forget the emotional toll it takes on your family. Stress and worry are your constant companions. You need a solution that adapts to your child's unique needs, not the other way around.

Enter ACC Southlands' Distance Education*. Here, education embraces your child's circumstances. Our program is designed for children like yours—those who can’t attend regular school but thirst for quality education. With an internet connection, your child has 24/7 access to lessons. Think about that. Learning on their own terms, at their own pace.

Learn from anywhere

Learn From Anywhere

24/7 Lesson Access

24/7 Lesson Access

Experienced Online Teachers

Experienced Online Teachers

Current School Response Time Less Than 10 Minutes

Current Response Less Than 10 Min.

WACE Online Provides Tertiary Pathways

WACE Online (ATAR & General)

21 WACE Subjects Available

21 WACE Subjects Available

Our experienced teachers specialise in online education. They're just a live chat away, with an astonishing 10-minute average response time. Your child can complete their WACE online. Gone are the days of stressing about missed classes or commute times. With Distance Education flexibility is king. Your child can optimise their daily routine around what matters most—health and wellbeing.

Enough with the stress. Download our guide today to discover how ACC Southlands’ Distance Education Program* can revolutionise your child's education journey. Become part of a community that understands your struggles and offers a flexible solution.

* Conditions apply to all enrolments.

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