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Help Your Child
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Distance Education Program

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As a parent, witnessing your child experience bullying is heart-wrenching. You can see the joy of learning being overshadowed by fear, stress, and dread. School, instead of being an inspiring journey, has become a struggle for your child.

But your child is resilient, brimming with dreams and a future filled with potential. They shouldn't have to confront bullying just to receive an education. You yearn for a safe haven where they can learn without fear and anxiety.

Enter ACC Southlands' PP-12 Distance Education Program*. Consider us a fortress of learning where your child is free to explore and learn.

Learn from anywhere

Learn From Anywhere

24/7 Lesson Access

24/7 Lesson Access

Experienced Online Teachers

Experienced Online Teachers

Current School Response Time Less Than 10 Minutes

Current Response Less Than 10 Min.

WACE Online Provides Tertiary Pathways

WACE Online (ATAR & General)

21 WACE Subjects Available

21 WACE Subjects Available

From this fortress, your child can learn from anywhere with an internet connection. Distance Education allows your child more flexibility with their location and school times. With a goal to complete five days worth of coursework each week, they can balance their personal goals and priorities by adjusting their study times. No more being forced into a bustling classroom environment or needing travel time to or from school.

Despite the physical distance, our experienced teachers are just a quick message away, with an average school response time of less than 10 minutes. Our teachers are here to guide your child, not just through the curriculum, but also the unique challenges of online learning.

As your child navigates these challenges, they're not just acquiring knowledge, but vital real-world skills. Additionally, they can complete their WACE online (both ATAR and General pathways), all from the comfort of home.

Are you ready to help your child reclaim their education and joy of learning? Download our detailed digital guide today. It's time to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your child's learning journey.

* Conditions apply to all enrolments.

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