Year 11 2021 Information Session

The information on this page is designed for current Year 10 students and their parents. Our hope is that the information will promote quality discussions between students and parents, and that it would inform effective decision making.

This should not be the only information you use to make decisions about what subjects to study. That decision is most effectively made in consultation with your current teachers who know you and the subjects.

Whether you are a current student at ACC Singleton or considering ACC, we trust this information gives you confidence that ACC is a great place for HSC study.

We have provided three resources below to assist you, including:

  1. A video presentation about Year 11 2021
  2. A PDF document that provides a basic outline of each subject on offer
  3. An opportunity to ask your questions or clarifications. We will reply promptly.

It is an exciting time for senior students. Students, as you look forward and make plans for your senior years of learning, make sure you take the time to engage positively with parents and teachers...they know a thing or two and can be a great help!

For further information, feel free to contact:

Mrs Katie Kelly, Head of Senior School
[email protected]

Mr Tim Shields, Principal
[email protected]