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Give your child the best start on his or her education journey by enrolling your 4 year old in Prep at ACC Singleton.

The children attend classes alongside the mainstream primary classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays during the school term.

Our Prep program works within the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework providing a rich environment for young children to extend their natural curiosity and feel a sense of belonging.

Staff provide a safe and caring environment for the children and their families, where the day includes laughter, music, stories, games and learning.

While focusing on school readiness, the Prep program includes literacy and numeracy sessions, art and music sessions and engage in whole school activities, such as assemblies and sporting activities.

Your child will learn by doing as we provide opportunities for play-based and exploratory learning, including imaginative and creative activities. When combined with our caring Christian environment, your child is given every opportunity to thrive.

Through engaging in the Prep program, your child is encouraged to build confidence, learn how to develop healthy friendships and begin a journey of lifelong learning.

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The Prep program provides an excellent transition for children into school life, commencing with preparation for Kindergarten, where your child is given a positive start to formal schooling.

The benefits of Prep include:

  • Children enjoy a gentle transition into the formal education process.
  • It increases your child’s ability to achieve success in Kindergarten.
  • The development of positive relationships with your child’s peers and teachers.
  • Gaining knowledge of the layout and the routines of the school, so that commencing Kindergarten becomes an exciting and happy transition for children.
  • Modelling and establishing positive values for young children in this vital stage of their education.

While the Prep program is predominantly play-based, children also participate in:

  • Further development in phonological awareness and literacy - letters and sounds.
  • Further development in maths – numbers, patterns, sorting, days of the week, months of the year, etc.
  • Gross motor skills development, e.g. ball skills, skipping, balancing and climbing.
  • Fine motor skills development, e.g. writing, drawing, cutting, arts and craft.
  • Performances include singing, dance, actions, costumes and instruments.