Meet our Teachers

Great teachers are more important than great facilities. Please click on the photos below for a brief introduction from each teacher.

Gary Underwood


Mr Gary Underwood is the Principal of Australian Christian College Moreton. Gary started his career as a Geography Teacher before moving to a number of leadership roles in private schools including MLC School in Melbourne. He also has extensive business leadership experience, and is one of Australia’s leading authors of education and children’s books. Gary believes in creating an inclusive school community where students are given every opportunity to reach their potential and become Christian leaders in tomorrow’s community. On the weekends, Gary enjoys spending time with his wife and sailing on Moreton Bay.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Michelle-Flood

Michelle Flood

Deputy Principal,

On Campus

Michelle assists the Principal to achieve the intent of the school's vision and values, and successfully implement the strategic plan. Michelle has been working at the school since 2005. During this time she has held significant positions of leadership in the areas of Head of Primary School, Missions Program Coordinator and Deputy Principal - Online. Michelle always brings her positive, friendly attitude to every situation. She is actively involved in church ministry and is passionate about overseas missions and travelling.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Suzanne Fraser

Suzanne Fraser

Deputy Principal,

Online Distance Education

Sue is a passionate educator and a lifelong learner who loves to think laterally to solve problems and create new opportunities. Driven by her faith in Jesus Christ, she wants to help all young people achieve their God given purpose and use their gifts in service. Sue loves to travel and treasures her holidays with her husband, children and grandchildren. Inspiring the next generation and teaching them about Christ is her life goal.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Anita-Newell

Anita Newell


Anita is the Head of Senior and has a passion for seeing her students succeed. Her experience has seen her study Psychology, lead a team in supporting the learning needs of students and finally leading the team of senior subject teachers at ACC Moreton. Her passion for sharing God’s love informs all she does at school and beyond. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, playing on her family's farm and spending time with her family.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Derek-Hughes

Derek Hughes


Derek has taught and coached just about everything; his real passion though, is pastoral care. He helps churches to develop Christ-centred management practices by giving his time to mentor individuals and run workshops and lectures. Derek has been a finalist in the National Excellence in Teaching Awards in the category of “Motivational Teaching”. He has undertaken post graduate studies in Educational Research and is currently studying a Masters in Theology.

Some places our teachers have taken the Gospel

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ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Kirsty-Symington

Kirsty Symington


Kirsty completed a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Business & Drama) at Australian Catholic University. She teaches in the Middle School at ACC Moreton. Kirsty has always been passionate about teaching since her Year 10 work experience. Alongside teaching God has captured her heart for sharing God’s word with individual students. Kirsty has a passion for ensuring all of her students are developing into the best God has for them. On her weekends, Kirsty spends most of her time adventuring.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Nina-Johnson

Nina Johnson


Nina teaches English and Humanities at ACC Moreton. Apart from witnessing the power of knowledge and seeing those ‘Aha!’ moments (indisputably teaching’s most rewarding experience), Nina loves the vast world of experience teaching opens up – literally. Nina has had the privilege to teach in a number of countries and her CV reads like the League of Nations. Nina, a self-confessed ‘crazy cat lady’, could be persuaded to swap teaching to be a lion-tamer or tiger-handler.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail

Joshua Avenell


Joshua teaches Secondary Maths and Science at ACC Moreton’s Online School. He studied a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland before completing a Graduate Diploma of Education at the Queensland University of Technology. Joshua loves helping students to understand complex maths calculations. Outside work, Joshua enjoys hunting, preaching, serving in his local church and spending time with his family. He has four children, looks forward to more and enjoys a vibrant family life.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Kylee-Beshara

Kylee Beshara


Kylee works as a Special Education teacher for ACC Moreton. From Year 2, Kylee knew she wanted to be a teacher. Growing up in a very small town, her pastimes included reading, listening to music and netball. Kylee accepted Jesus as her Saviour while attending a church service in her high school cafeteria! Special Education is very close to her heart, as Kylee is the mum to a beautiful boy who loves the Lord and has Autism.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Rebecca-Bunston

Rebecca Bunston


Rebecca’s dream was to become a teacher as God had laid a passion for teaching students while she was in high school. Rebecca gained experience working in childcare centres for 10 years, while completing her Bachelor in Education. She became part of the ACC team and completed a Masters in Inclusive Education. The best part of teaching for Rebecca is seeing the joy in the students faces when they are achieving their learning goals.

Our teachers went to many of Australia’s finest universities

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Elenoa-Taukolo

Elenoa Taukolo


Elenoa completed a Bachelor of Secondary Education at Griffith University. She enjoys playing a variety of sports including rugby, netball and volleyball. Elenoa attends Victory Church, where she is actively involved in the music ministry. Elenoa loves to help shape the culture of the school in how she interacts with the students. Her goal for every classroom is to challenge her students and to watch them grow in reaching their full potential.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Lian-Hnialum

Liane Hnialum


Liane teaches in the Primary School at ACC. He grew up in Myanmar, but left in 2007 as a refugee and lived in Bangladesh for several years. He was trained and employed by a mission school while he was in Bangladesh and taught there for 4 years before moving to Australia and completing his teaching degree. Lian loves fishing! More so, he has a passion to work with children as both a teacher and a leader at Kids Church.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Rhys-Taylor

Rhys Taylor


Rhys teaches Senior Maths and Business subjects at ACC Moreton. Straight out of high school until he earned his Graduate Diploma in Education in 2012 Rhys worked for multiple businesses at every level from logistics for fruit co-ops to office administration for furniture importers, from furniture removalist to tax accountant and he regales his business classes with tales from these experiences. In his spare time Rhys mentors the House and Sports Captains in their leadership roles.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Tony-Dullroy

Tony Dullroy


Tony has been a secondary teacher at ACC Moreton for the last four years. Besides teaching HASS and English, he also teaches Cooking. His first career was as a chef and it seems impossible for him to escape the kitchen. Tony has visited 17 different countries while teaching in the USA and the UK. His favourite passions are serving in the worship team at church, long beach walks and riding his mountain bike through God's wonderful creation.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Joan-Pavey

Joan Pavey


Joan works in Student Service for ACC Moreton. She has loved Jesus all her life and is blessed by working with wonderful Christian staff to support amazing young people, both on campus and online. She gets a thrill seeing the next generation thriving. Joan is a mum of five and has four grandchildren with another one on the way. Outside work, she enjoys the simply pleasures associated with owning two cats, a foxy and a pug.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Maija-Koehler

Maija Koehler


Maija teaches in the Primary School at ACC in Caboolture. She grew a strong Christian faith when young and felt called to be a teacher in a Christian school. Maija has a passion for creating and discovering new things which has led her to run a Lego Club at ACC. At home, she uses this creative passion to bake, crochet, sew or scrapbook, as well as discovering new songs to add to her ever growing 'favourites' playlist.


Average teacher age

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ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Tony-Pavey

Tony Pavey


Tony teaches technology at ACC in Caboolture. Teaching was a change in career after working as a graphic designer in the newspaper industry after God encouraged him to once again go back to university. Tony says that it is the most rewarding work he has ever done as he works with students from Year 6 through to 12. He has 5 children with the youngest being 16 and a grandfather of 5.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Margaret-Simpson

Margaret Simpson


Margaret teaches Prep at ACC Moreton. A teacher, with over 30 years’ experience, she has taught here for more than 13 years. Margaret and her husband Jock, the school groundsman, believe in Christian Education and so put their three boys through ACC Moreton. Margaret has a passion for working with young children, nurturing them with the love of the Lord and seeing them develop towards their potential. When not working, Margaret enjoys going to the beach.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Tony-Usher

Tony Usher


Tony grew up in Rockhampton and in his senior year he was awarded ‘sportsman of the year’ for cross country and athletics; not bad for a kid that was always chosen last for teams in primary school. He worked in the commercial world for many years before teaching. In 1995 Tony began a love affair with Japan that continues to the present day. He's married to a Japanese woman Mayumi and has two sons William and Christopher.

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ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Bruce-Vaschina

Bruce Vaschina


Bruce teaches Senior Secondary Maths & Physics at ACC Moreton. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and started full time teaching in 2014 after 24 years with Brisbane City Council. Bruce has been Year 12 Form Teacher since 2015 and considers it a great privilege to be a support to the Year 12s and bring something of God's Word into their lives on a regular basis. Bruce is married with 4 children.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail

Fiona Allan


Fiona teaches in the Primary School at ACC Moreton. After university, she taught in public schools for about 10 years before moving to ACC. Fiona is motivated by Jesus’ purposes and loves the expression on a child’s face when they finally “get it”. Growing up in Redcliffe as the youngest of five, Fiona developed a love for God’s people at youth group. Fiona is married with three children. When not working, she enjoys camping, fishing and cooking.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Joel-Hogan

Joel Hogan


Joel has been teaching at Australian Christian College - Moreton since 2014. His primary responsibility at the school is overseeing Learning Support. As the Learning Support Team Leader, he works with a trained team of Teachers and Teacher’s Aides with the goal to provide intensive support to the students who are two or more year behind in Literacy and Numeracy. Joel loves assisting students who have fallen behind, to improve and feel confident within the classroom.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail

Tonya Groeneweg


Tonya teaches in the Primary School at ACC Moreton. She is passionate about teaching and believes in nurturing children to grow in their God given gifts. She has taught Kindergarten to Year 6 in a range of educational settings and has studied both Primary and Early Childhood Education. She also studied Speech, Drama and Photography. Tonya aims to use her skills and experience in the Arts to inspire creativity in children and increase their confidence, communication and social skills.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Cameron-Johnson

Cameron Johnson


Cameron is the Senior School Coordinator at ACC Moreton and teaches Senior Physical Education and Sport & Recreation. He is passionate about sport and how physical activity can not only improve health outcomes but also increase academic performance. Outside work, Cameron loves spending time with his family and friends. On the weekends (when time allows), he also loves to get out in nature and play golf, because golf is like a sporting bushwalk.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Melita-Moses

Melita Moses


Melita teaches English and HASS at ACC in Caboolture. After completing her Business degree, Melita worked in administration and events management for a number of government departments and private companies. She also travelled extensively, spending two summers as a camp counsellor in Canada, where she thrived on inspiring children to a greater understanding of God’s purpose for their lives, while enjoying the great outdoors. Melita is married and has one child and another on the way.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Selene-Harrington

Selene Harrington


Selene teaches secondary school Art and Design at ACC in Caboolture. For most of her life she has been involved in the art field and after completing her Bachelor Degree in Visual Art at university she started exhibiting her own work. From being an artist herself and exhibiting her artworks she taught private classes, taught at TAFE as well as mentored other artists. Selene is passionate to assist others in discovering their own God given creative gifts.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Candice-Menezes

Candice Menezes


Candice teaches Prep at ACC Moreton and has been teaching for 12 years. She realised her passion lay with teaching the younger children when she started helping out at Sunday school with her mother. After school she began her teaching career, and studied towards her Bachelors degree. Candice and her husband are part of the creative team at their church. On the weekends she loves being outdoors, hiking and going to the beach.


Collective teaching team experience

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ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Karen-Blackburn

Karen Blackburn


Karen is a primary school teacher at ACC Moreton. She grew up in Singapore with missionary parents and always desired to be a teacher. She loves being able to impact the lives of the children. Karen had a long season of staying at home with her own five children but feels blessed to be back in the classroom again. When Karen gets time to herself, she enjoys relaxing with a movie or spending time with friends and family.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Simon-Nicholls

Simon Nicholls


Simon teaches Senior Science and Maths at ACC Moreton. Prior to teaching, he worked in biological research, investigating the processes that cause osteoarthritis. He has a passion for showing people how to interpret and understand data for themselves, looking deeper than someone else’s headline in a world of ‘fake news’. Simon has two beautiful daughters under the age of 4 and they keep him very busy outside work hours!

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Cara-Henley

Cara Henley


Cara completed a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at the University of Southern Queensland and a Diploma of Ministry at Malyon College. She has a passion for building relationships with students and helping them to achieve personal growth of every kind. Her favourite subjects to teach are Music, Art, Drama and Sport. Cara has been married for 7 years and enjoys spending time at the local beaches, climbing mountains and making memories with family and friends.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Karen-Gaffney

Karen Gaffney


Karen teaches Senior English at ACC Moreton. Karen brings rich and diverse educational experience to ACC Moreton, including working for many years overseas. She has a passion for students to learn the skills of critical literacy in all forms of media and literature. She is a wife, mother and grandmother of two whose greatest passion is to see those in her care, including her students, come to know the love of Christ in their lives.


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ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Michael-Nettlefold

Michael Nettlefold


Michael teaches Middle School History, English and Christian Living at ACC Moreton. When he can actually secure some 'spare time', he enjoys archery, hiking, kayaking and catching up over coffee. During Bible College (2015-2017), Michael began volunteering at an English conversation class for internationals and teaching Religious Instruction at a local Caboolture State School before returning to ACC to focus on the Christian Living program. His passion is for the Gospel to reach as many as possible.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Simone-Wilcox

Simone Wilcox


Simone currently teaches Senior Biology and Psychology at ACC Moreton. She is married and she and her husband have one adult daughter and two dogs. Simone's love of science began in her early teens and has been nurtured through the reading of the Bible, Creation magazines and the study of God's creation. Simone loves being able to bring the things of God into her classroom and enjoys encouraging students to critically think about facts and interpretations.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Carrie-Croft

Carrie Croft


Carrie teaches Years 7 to 9 English, Humanities and Electives at Australian Christian College - Moreton. Her work extends across online and on campus classes. Throughout the years she has been highly involved in the children’s church and youth group at her local church. Through this, she developed a love for working with children of all ages. This love led her to pursue teaching and drives Carrie in her work at Australian Christian College.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Chantelle-Van-Rooyen

Chantelle Van-Rooyen


Chantelle teaches science at ACC Moreton. She studied Education (majored in Science) at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. After getting married, God had planned change and growth and the newly married couple soon found themselves in Australia; starting in Sydney and gradually moving up to the stunning Sunshine Coast. During this time she was blessed with two beautiful children. Chantelle loves helping students, supporting them, seeing how they grow, learn and develop.


Hours serving at local churches each week by our teachers

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Katherine-Vlaanderen

Katherine Vlaanderen


Katherine teaches Senior English and is the English & Literacy Co-ordinator. She is passionate about literature and seeks to help her students see the value in reading. Katherine chose to accept the gift of God’s salvation when she was in Year 10. From that moment onwards, she has had a heart for sharing the Gospel. Katherine and her husband enjoy being involved in their church worship team. She also loves cooking, drinking coffee and reading.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Nathan-Cran

Nathan Cran


Nathan is primary teacher at ACC Moreton. He has a degree in Digital Innovation and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary). Nathan is passionate about all aspects of teaching. He believes that the role of a teacher is to encourage and challenge students in a safe environment so that they can achieve their goals. In his spare time, Nathan hits the trails on his mountain bike immersing himself in God’s amazing creation.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Christine-Yates

Christine Yates


Christine teaches in the Learning Enrichment Team of Student Services at ACC Moreton. After being a classroom teacher for many years her desire to help the students who didn’t fit ‘the box’ was ignited and she transferred to Student Services. Her heart is to help students embrace their struggles while finding their strengths. She has four children, two of which have autism. This helps her relate to the challenges and blessings these amazing and unique children bring.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Jan-Garden

Jan Garden


Jan teaches Chemistry at ACC and is the Science Team Leader. After studying at school and university, she had planned a career in chemistry which God turned towards teaching. Jan has a passion for seeing students do their very best while seeking God’s guidance for their lives. She has been part of a church planting team in the past as well as leading Bible studies for ladies while having her 3 children who are now adults.


Years our teachers spent at university

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ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Nathan-Sheumack

Nathan Sheumack


Nathan teaches HPE in the Primary and Middle Schools as well as coordinates Sport and Camps at ACC Moreton in Caboolture. He is a busy man but loves every minute of it! Nathan is also a die hard Brisbane Broncos fan, film geek and plays touch football and basketball. Before getting into teaching, Nathan worked in the logistics industry for 4 years before feeling a calling from God for him to disciple youth as a teacher.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Stuart-Bengston

Stuart Bengston


Stuart is the Head of Performing Arts and teaches Music at ACC Moreton. After graduating from high school, Stuart studied a Certificate IV in Youth Work and began following his passion for working with youth and children. Continuing on from that he studied Primary Education and then blended that with his love of playing music. He also thoroughly enjoys being active in the outdoors, climbing mountains and water skiing with his family.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Karen Timmins

Karen Timmins


Karen teaches in the primary years within the Online School at ACC Moreton. She has always had a passion for reading and loves English and Humanities in particular. Karen is an advocate to incorporating digital technologies into lessons. She also loves travelling and has lived in many different states in Australia. She also loves encouraging students in their work. Karen is married and has four sons who are all married with young families.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Phil Farmer

Phil Farmer


Phil teaches at ACC Moreton’s Online School. He has been married for 15 years to his lovely wife and they have 4 beautiful children. Jesus became his personal saviour at the age of 22 when God radically saved him from addiction and brokenness. Phil has a passion for young souls, sowing into the next generation and loves the Bible. He loves spending time with his family outside of work enjoying God’s creation.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Michelle Tsui

Michelle Tsui


Michelle started working at ACC Moreton in 2011. She teaches in the Primary School and is also the Prep to Year 2 Coordinator. After high school, Michelle studied a Business degree and worked for an insurance company. Later, Michelle worked for a tutoring company and served as a Sunday School teacher. This is where her love for children and passion for teaching began. Michelle decided to leave her job and return to university to complete a teaching degree.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Joyce Hres

Joyce Hres


Joyce teaches Maths and SCS at ACC Moreton. She majored in Early Childhood to help children develop a solid foundation. Joyce furthered her studies and taught in Middle and Senior schools. She is passionate about life-long learning and hopes that students value education. Joyce desires that her students choose to have a personal relationship with Jesus and for them to desire that others know Jesus too. Joyce married her childhood sweetheart and they have 5 children.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Alicia Foley

Alicia Foley


Alicia is a primary teacher at ACC Moreton. After travelling, living and working overseas for 2 years following university, Alicia worked in Human Resources for 15 years before being called to teaching. Completing online qualifications whilst being a full time, working wife and mother of a 1 and 5 year old was a challenge, but the rewards have well been worth it. Alicia sees being able to walk alongside students on their learning journey as a true privilege.

ACC Teaching Team Teacher Thumbnail Alyce Groves

Alyce Groves


Alyce is a passionate primary teacher at ACC Moreton. In her spare time she enjoys photography and dirt bike riding. She knew from a young age that she wanted to become a teacher and with God’s continual guidance she was able to achieve her dream. She then decided to complete a Masters degree in leadership and management to advance her skill set. Outside teaching she enjoys travelling overseas or even just on day trips.

Our teachers’ favourite hobbies

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