Flexible Learning Options (Years 11 & 12)

Choosing the right Pattern of Study

Approaching the final stages of secondary school and making plans for a future beyond school are an exciting experience. The decisions you make about which subjects you will focus your attention and energy over these last two years can help you map a clear path to further study or to work.

Selecting the right ‘pattern of study’ is critical for success and eligibility for the Rosa, HSC and ATAR. That is why the College provides a Subject Selection and Careers Expo each year. There are also Transition Meetings that can be booked with the Head of Student Services, with personalised support for students and their parents in the subject selection process.

These decisions are very important and can be intimidating. As we are at every point in your journey at school, the entire staff of Australian Christian College are committed to helping you come to a decision as to what is right for you and your future.

As you weigh your options and consider your decisions, specifically regarding subject choices for Year 11, it is important to be authentic and realistic about your needs, abilities, and interests as a student and as a person. Prayerfully consider what might be God’s purpose for you and plan for your life. Our goal is to help you become a success in all that God intends for you.

  • Abilities - choose subjects where you are capable of doing well.
  • Interests/Motivation - choose subjects that interest you.
  • Career aspirations and needs - keep in mind future career paths but be realistic about choices.
  • Syllabus Requirements – be mindful of how many practical works and major works are required for your pattern of study and the timing of submission.
  • Subject combinations - do the subjects complement each other?
  • Other commitments - when choosing subjects, it is important to balance study with outside commitments and influences such as youth, work, sport and family.

Click here for our online subject selection EXPO, containing short explanations from our wonderful teachers.

Further curriculum information can be found on the NESA Website, click here for the NESA Website.

Choosing the right Pathway

We believe each child is uniquely gifted by God, and the way they undertake these two years should reflect that diversity. Once your child has chosen their pattern of study, they choose their pathway from the four options below.

Option 1

The Traditional pathway involves a full-time on campus experience. Classes are primarily taught face to face, with the added benefit of a supporting distance education Canvas course that contains information about each lesson.

Students attend school each day, commencing with morning homeroom. From here students complete their learning across a four period day. Senior students can remain at school to continue private study until 4pm.

Together with Year 12, Year 11 students commence a leadership journey that includes the much loved annual leadership camp. At the commencement of Year 12, students are commissioned into leadership across the College, and are able to apply for further leadership roles as Prefects.

See a typical subject selection line offering below.

Example subject selection table

Students select one subject from each line above. Line 1 is compulsory for all students, a requirement of NESA. You must select a total of six, 2 unit subjects, for the Year 11 Preliminary Course. Subject lines and offerings change each year.

Option 2

The Variation Experience includes the features mentioned in the Traditional Experience but begins to make small variations to the standard subject lines offered above.

It will include a mixture of face to face subjects taught on campus, with the inclusion of either ACC Distance Education courses or user-paid external provider courses. These may include TAFE NSW, School of Languages or Sydney Distance Education.

The College provides a supervised study room for students completing external courses. There is also a dedicated staff member to supervise the smooth undertaking of these external courses. Their main role is to guide, encourage and support students in developing independent learning skills and enabling students to do set tasks in the negotiated time.

If you would like to do a different subject from the options provided by the College as shown in Option 1, you could choose an ACC distance education course or externally provided course to replace one from above. A total of two subjects only can be selected from the options below.

Example alternate subject selection table

Option 3

Is a two day on campus ultimate flexible experience! Students attend campus on Monday and Tuesday for an extended school day that includes face to face classes, lunchtime clubs, representative sport and school assembly or chapel.

All classes are taught as blended distance education subjects. Both English and Mathematics have the majority of their lessons taught face to face, with the remaining hours completed via distance education.

Our professionally produced blended online courses are facilitated by their teacher on Monday and Tuesday, and supported online for the remainder of the week.

Creating the right learning culture within our ACC school community is really important to us. That is why students undertaking our FLEXI Pathway will still attend our leadership camps, be able to study on campus throughout the week as arranged, and participate in our Missions and Service Trips.

The FLEXI Pathway is designed for students who desire greater flexibility within their week to complete their learning, have other commitments that require an alternative learning model (such as sport training) or would prefer greater autonomy within the learning environment.

A student selecting this pathway would need to be self-regulated and motivated to complete their learning in an independent environment.

An example timetable week may look like the following.

Example weekly timetable

Option 4

Students may accumulate course units towards the HSC for a period of up to 5 years. Subjects selected and days of attendance are worked out at a transition meeting between the college, student and parents.

Students may choose to undertake this ‘pathway’ approach for a variety of reasons including:

  • commitments outside school - part time work, elite sportsperson etc.
  • apprenticeship or traineeship
  • acceleration
  • repeating

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