Student Improvement Showcase

Whether your children need to be stretched, are struggling, or are somewhere in between, our committed team of teachers will help move them forward. If our school were a sporting team we’d celebrate Most Improved with particular excitement.

Htee Moo Image

Htee Moo

"Mrs Woodman helps us with spelling: if we don’t know the word, what it means or how to spell it. Htee Moo feels good about his progress. Before he couldn’t spell and now he is getting 100% almost every week for the spelling quiz. He believes that he will continue improving."

Htee Moo Infographic
Quotation Marks

"We are very proud of Htee Moo’s progress in English. He is really applying himself with support from his wonderful teacher."

Hta Nah & Moo Ra Paw (Dad & Mum)

Samuel Myint Image

Samuel Myint

"My learning has really gained momentum since being with ACC. I can remember what I’ve been taught and this makes me feel smart. Samuel has moved from the 31st to the 55th percentile in his Progressive Achievement Tests for reading comprehension this year."

Samuel Myint Infographic
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"We are very happy with Australian Christian College as we believe Samuel is working hard to do better and is well supported by the teachers."

Than Myint & Yin Yin Thet (Dad & Mum)